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3 Reasons Why Your Furnace Blows Cold Air in Southern Pines, NC

November 25, 2020

When your furnace is working properly, you’ll be able to regulate your home’s temperature with ease. If your furnace begins blowing cold air, something is amiss with your system. Here are a few reasons why your Southern Pines, NC, furnace would be blowing cold air.

1. Clogged Filter

Your furnace might be blowing cold air because of a clogged filter. HVAC systems use air filters to filter dirt, dust, pollen and more from the unit. Therefore, a clogged filter will affect the entire system and its ability to blow warm air.

Air filters should be replaced every 30 to 90 days depending on how quickly it gets dirty. When you schedule routine HVAC maintenance, the service technician will change the air filter as a standard part of maintenance.

2. Dirty Flame Sensor

Your furnace may also blow cold air because the flame sensor is dirty. The flame sensor inside of your furnace is what tells your system to warm up the air before pushing it through your home’s vents.

If your flame sensor is dirty, you’ll need to hire a professional for heating repair services. Never try to clean it yourself, as this could prove dangerous.

3. Pilot Light Issues

Your furnace’s pilot light going out will also cause your unit to blow cold air. Issues with a furnace’s pilot light are common in older systems.

You can check your furnace’s manual to see if you can reignite the pilot light yourself. If you can’t get the pilot to light, you’ll need to hire a professional to look at your system.

A furnace that’s blowing cold air can cause you and your family to be very uncomfortable. Contact Sandhills Heating & Refrigeration today, and we’ll repair any issues with your furnace as well as provide professional HVAC maintenance.

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