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Generac Whole Home Standby Generator Sales & Installations in Aberdeen & Surrounding Areas

It seems like every day we hear of another natural disaster, and no part of the country is spared from the effects of flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes and a deteriorating power grid. For over 100 years, homeowners have relied on dependable products from Generac to keep their families safe from the ravages of nature. That same tradition continues today with Generac ’s line of quality whole-house liquid cooled standby generators.

Why You Need a Generac Standby Generator

In the event of a power outage, a standby generator can literally be a lifesaver. Unlike portable generators, standby generators are installed permanently on concrete or recycled rubber pads.

Without a backup generator, here’s what you might lose in a disaster:

  • Food spoilage
  • TV, internet and cell phone charging service
  • Air conditioning and heating service
  • Bathing and clothes washing
  • Pool pump, sump pump and power tool service
  • Monetary loss due to lodging, dining out and property damage

In 2017, there were 3,526 power outages nationwide. This represents a 48 percent increase in the number of people affected by a blackout over the previous year. While outages often result from fallen tree limbs, ice accumulation and downed power lines, there are many other causes of blackouts.

How Generac Standby Generators Operate

A liquid cooled generator is powered by your home’s natural gas or propane supply. Within seconds of a blackout event, a rugged transfer switch senses the interruption and starts the generator’s internal combustion engine to back up your chosen circuits. When utility service is restored, the transfer switch changes over to municipal power and shuts down the generator. This seamless operation is an ideal solution for home businesses, families with small children and those dependent on powered medical equipment.

At one time, standby generators were only used by construction companies, large businesses and farmers since the units were expensive, loud and cumbersome. However, Generac standby generators have a low profile, very reasonable installation costs and quiet operation. In recent years, homeowners and small businesses have protected their assets by installing a standby generator, especially in areas that regularly experience natural disasters.

Benefits of a Generac Liquid Cooled Standby Generator

Generac generators offer a variety of benefits compared to their portable air cooled counterparts:

  • Low operating temperature ensures an extended lifecycle
  • Safe for sensitive electronics thanks to Clean Power Technology
  • Can run continuously up to 10 days without maintenance
  • Easy to install and service
  • Dual fuel capability
  • 76 programmable parameters
  • Engine temperature and oil pressure monitoring
  • Low 73db noise level
  • Transfer switch prevents electricity back-feeding into the grid, which can cause fires and endanger utility workers

Routine Maintenance Packages for Standby Generators

Standby generator maintenance is crucial to ensure that the generator will function properly when it is needed. Regular maintenance can prevent unexpected breakdowns, reduce the likelihood of costly repairs, and extend the lifespan of the generator. Neglecting maintenance can also result in decreased efficiency, increased fuel consumption, and potential safety hazards. Here at Sandhills Heating, Refrigeration and Electrical, we have two levels of maintenance packages to fit your needs and keep your unit performing efficiently:

Generator Maintenance Packages

Our Generator Maintenance Packages will help keep your generator operating at peak performance and achieve maximum efficiency.

Services 1x Year* 2x Year**
Number of inspections per year 1 2
Check oil level
Check oil & filter (at first visit)
Check battery charge
Remove corrosion, clean & tighten battery cable
Check air filter (replace as needed) (at first visit)
Check spark plugs
Tighten terminals
Valve inspections
Check control wiring connection
Check entire electrical system
Check for proper operation
Check levelness of generator

Package Pricing

*1x per year: $219 (+tax) per generator
**2x per year: $349 (+tax) per generator

Give us a call to schedule your first appointment today!!

A Whole-House Solution to Power Outages

While Generac liquid cooled standby generators are easy to operate, only a licensed and certified electrical contractor can safely calculate your load requirements and assess installation logistics. The professionals at Sandhills Heating, Refrigeration and Electrical have the skill and experience to ensure your standby generator operates effectively and efficiently whenever you may need it.

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