measuring indoor air quality

Smart Gadgets to Measure Your Indoor Air Quality

July 13, 2018

Summers in Aberdeen, North Carolina, can be hot and humid, enticing families to stay inside their houses to stay cool and comfortable. It can come as a surprise to discover that indoor air quality is sometimes worse than what is outside. Children with asthma can be especially susceptible to air pollutants in their homes when they spend a lot of time indoors.

Causes of Poor Air Quality

Seemingly harmless activities like cooking or cleaning can release pollutants into the air. Cooking creates smoke and hobbies like painting can introduce chemicals into the environment, which cannot escape because the windows are closed. This can be further complicated by the high humidity and dampness that are present in summer months.

Some of these can be seen or smelled, but others cannot. If left unattended, they can lead to headaches, fatigue, and potentially more serious health problems.

There are preventative steps that can decrease the unclean air in your home. Aside from using chemical free cleaners, there are smart gadgets and other connected devices that measure indoor air quality. Air quality meters are great for detecting small particles, biological growths, and other harmful agents. These can be used with air filtering systems to help manage any respiratory conditions that you and your family might have by communicating alerts when needed.

Dylos DC-1100 PRO

The Dylos DC-1100 PRO detects large particles, like pollen, plus smaller ones, such as very fine dust and smog. Its laser scanners detect the particles that are in 100 cubic feet of air on an easy-to-read LCD screen. This monitor even calculates reports that show changes in particle concentration according to the minute, hour, day, or month. Once analyzed, the end user can pinpoint the origins of the pollutants and improve the performance of their air purifiers, air cleaners, and vents. This device is reasonably priced and quite easy to use; it only needs to be plugged in and read.

Awair Glow

The Awair Glow air quality monitor is smart enough to learn from its user. It plugs into any electrical outlet and links right to a smartphone app. You can enter goals, such as reduced asthma risk and better sleep into its app, and it integrates it with an analysis of any toxic chemicals, dust, humidity levels, and carbon dioxide detected in the home. It then creates individual recommendations, and uses a ratings scale that will keep track of and help you improve your home’s air quality.


This portable device is especially useful for asthma sufferers and their families. It reads carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, temperature, humidity, and overall air quality levels and scores them. The tube-shaped unit is small and easy to use, and sends real-time data to the app on your smartphone. You can bring it on vacations to check the air quality in hotel rooms, and the highly sensitive, real-time measurements get sent right to the app on your mobile phone.

AirVisual Pro

Not all air quality monitors need a smartphone app, and AirVisual Pro is perfect for busy families who simply want a constant, real-time readout. It has a five-inch screen that shows accurate data whenever you want to have a look. AirVisual Pro scans for biological growth, harmful particulates, particulate matter concentrations, temperature, humidity, and CO2, which can be compared to outside locations. It was created according to medical-grade standards that are used for asthma and COPD patients. This low-cost, accurate device can also compare the readouts inside your home with outdoor data.

Clearing the Air

Using a smart gadget inside your home during the hot summer months can keep your family breathing easier. These four monitors are some of the most up-do-date and affordable options available, and work very well with a home air cleaning system. Improving your house’s indoor air quality is one of the best ways to prevent health problems.

Sandhills Heating, Refrigeration & Electrical, serves families in Aberdeen, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in improving your indoor living environment and would like information about air purifying products, call us today at 910-338-3723.

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