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Is It Time to Replace My Heat Pump in Vass, NC?

April 28, 2022

Your heat pump may have given you years of service in Vass, NC, but it may have to make way for a newer, more efficient system soon. However, considering what a big step this is, you probably don’t want to replace it until it’s absolutely necessary. Below, we give some signs that you should look for when determining on a heat pump replacement.

High Level of Wear and Tear

Even a fairly new heat pump may need replacing if, through the homeowner’s negligence, it incurs much wear and tear without maintenance. You can tell if yours has become worn to the point of no return if it constantly breaks down and never provides comfort in spite of the repairs you get.

You may have noticed, for example, that the heat pump blows out lukewarm air and cycles for an abnormally long time. Or maybe it short-cycles, which may be the result of overheating. A new system would not present such issues.

Unusually High Energy Bills

Together with inefficient cooling, you may notice that your bills go up more than you expected. This means that the system is working harder than before to deliver the same results, and it could very well point to an irreversible problem.

Bad Indoor Air Quality

Failing heat pumps will very often affect the indoor air quality, so ask yourself if the air feels stale or humid or if anyone has had his or her allergy or asthma symptoms act up recently. A new system, then, will not only save you money but also safeguard your health.

A Trane Comfort Specialist

For professional AC installation in Vass, get ahold of Sandhills Heating, Refrigeration & Electrical. We’ll present you with a selection of Trane heat pumps that fit your home and your budget. From start to finish, you’ll get the detail-oriented work of NATE-certified technicians.

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