AC on the fritz

4 Symptoms of a Bad AC Blower Motor in Pinehurst, NC

July 21, 2022

The AC fan motor circulates cool air in your Pinehurst, NC home. It’s among the AC parts prone to wear and tear and sometimes requires repairs or replacement. If you suspect your AC blower motor is on its last leg, look for the following telltale signs.

1. No Airflow

If your AC doesn’t blow cold air, you may have a broken blower motor. When the motor is faulty, it fails to perform its primary role of circulating cold air to your home, making the space uncomfortable. Your HVAC professional will help troubleshoot the cause and repair or replace the failing blower motor.

2. The Fan Fails to Start

Running an AC without the fan circulating air can cause freezing of the evaporator coils, putting the system at risk of serious damage. The blower motor might be faulty if the fan fails to start even after turning on your air conditioner. Turn off the system and call an air conditioning service technician.

If the AC fan fails to stop even after shutting off the air conditioner, you may have an issue with the blower motor. It often signifies a bad blower motor resistor, which requires professional assistance.

3. Overheating

Overheating could happen when there’s an accumulation of grime and dirt around the blower motor. Another common cause of an overheating AC is an old or worn-out motor. You need a professional to check your blower motor if you notice a burning smell.

4. Unusual Sounds

Your motor is probably malfunctioning if you notice loud buzzing or humming noises from the blower motor. A rattling noise from the condenser unit could indicate a failing blower motor. You shouldn’t assume any loud or unusual AC noise because it’s a warning sign of an underlying issue that requires repair.

Going through the summer heat without a functional AC can be frustrating. Don’t let a malfunctioning blower motor make your home uncomfortable or increase cooling costs. Call us at Sandhills Heating & Refrigeration to schedule HVAC maintenance so that your AC can run efficiently throughout the summer.

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