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4 Reasons to Improve Indoor Air Quality This Spring in Pinehurst, NC

March 28, 2022

Good air quality is essential to a happy and healthy life in Pinehurst, NC. You might be living in a home with poor indoor air quality without knowing it, something whose true impact you probably won’t see until you install an air purifying system. In this blog, we let you in on four benefits of improving your indoor air quality this spring.

1. Lessen Seasonal Allergies

Spring is a common time for allergies to flare up, causing symptoms like stuffed or runny noses, itchy throats and, for some, breathing difficulties. Most allergen particles are too tiny for you to see, but they’re there, hanging in your air and making you feel sick. An air purification system and proper HVAC maintenance can eliminate most of these particles, reducing seasonal allergies and giving you a safe zone from the outside.

2. Get Better Sleep

It’s hard to sleep when you’re experiencing allergies, rashes, or trouble breathing due to poor air quality. In some individuals, poor air quality leads to dangerous problems like sleep apnea. An air purification system helps you have nights of deeper, more restful sleep.

3. Enjoy a Fresher-Smelling Home

Spend hours scrubbing your home from top to bottom, lighting candles and performing other tasks to make your home smell fresh during your spring cleaning? Improving the air quality within your home purifies it, removing particles that cause unpleasant odors and sickness. This leaves a truly fresh smell, not one of lingering odors mixed with chemical scents.

4. Breathe Deeply

Taking short, shallow breaths is a common side effect of poor indoor air. After air purification, you’ll breathe deeper and purer breaths. With better breathing, you may also feel full of energy instead of dragging your feet and barely getting by.

Want to improve your IAQ? Give us a call today Sandhills Heating & Refrigeration and schedule an appointment to learn more about our indoor air quality services.

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