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3 Benefits of a Backup Generator in West End, NC

September 22, 2021

As fall approaches in West End, NC, upcoming cold weather may cause power losses. One way to combat a power outage is by purchasing a backup generator. Here are some advantages you get with a backup generator.

1. Constant Power Availability

When power outages occur, it’s not just your everyday life that’s interrupted: outages impact anything that uses electricity. Refrigeration, air conditioning or heating and security systems are essential for safety and sustenance, but an unexpected power outage can cause issues. Having a backup generator on hand will help ensure your fridge stays cold and your house comfortable and secure during an outage.

2. Flexible Options to Suit Your Life

Not all backup generators are the same, so when you reach out to us for generator installation, one of our main questions will be the fuel type. The two types of fuel used to run generators are natural gas and propane.

Propane generators may be more expensive than natural gas, but propane burns cleaner and has a long shelf life; a long shelf life can be a big plus in the case of emergency, like local gas providers running out. You also get to store the fuel for longer without decreasing its effectiveness if you don’t experience power outages.

Natural gas is mainly considered a safer and affordable means to power generators. It’s considered safer because natural gas is lighter than propane, so it dissipates faster than propane in the event of a leak.

3. Frozen Pipes

Fall signals the start of cold months that lead up to winter. Without power to your heating system, the chances of your water freezing and potentially damaging your pipes are much higher. A short power outage might not cause any problems, but longer ones that allow time for water to freeze may lead to bigger problems down the line.

Having a backup generator won’t just let you finish your tv shows in the event of a blackout; it can also potentially save you from costly home repairs. Contact Sandhills Heating & Refrigeration for all your backup generator needs.

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