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Breathe Cleaner Better Air Indoor Air Quality Products & Services

Indoor air quality is crucial for a healthy home. Though you can’t readily see the air quality in your home, it’s certainly something you can feel. Congestion, headaches, and dry, itchy eyes are all symptoms of irritants in the air. If you’re concerned about the possible pollutants lingering in your home, we can help. Sandhills Heating, Refrigeration & Electrical offers a variety of indoor air quality products and services to help you breathe easier.

Indoor Air Quality Products for a Healthier Home

There are many potential threats that can impact the indoor air quality in your Aberdeen, North Carolina, home and business. You may have a high concentration of indoor pollutants from everyday products like your carpeting, furniture, or cleaning products. You may also battle outdoor pollutants, such as pollen, that are leaking in around your windows and doors.

Sandhill Heating & Refrigeration is a Trane Comfort Specialist. We offer a variety of products that can help you minimize the irritants in your air. Whole-home installations fit right in your existing HVAC system, improving all the air in your house or business. Try a Trane CleanEffects™ or Trane Perfect Fit™ filter to stop a greater number of pollutants as they circulate through your system. Battle dry air with a whole-home humidifier, or improve ventilation with a Trane FreshEffects™ Energy Recovery Ventilator.

Our service techs can help you identify indoor air quality problems in your home or business and pinpoint the best solutions. As Certified Green Professionals, we can help you build a system that’s both eco-friendly and effective.

Helpful Services for Home Comfort

Installing the right home comfort systems is only one part of maintaining high indoor air quality. You also need to maintain those systems, so they operate as efficiently as possible. Contact Sandhills Heating, Refrigeration & Electrical for regular maintenance visits to keep your heating and cooling systems clean and free of dust, dirt, and pollen. During your regular tune-ups, we’ll also make sure your air quality systems are in top shape with clean filters and well-tuned components.

If you’re struggling with symptoms of poor indoor air quality, it’s time to take a closer look at how a well-maintained HVAC system can help. Sandhills Heating, Refrigeration & Electrical proudly serves customers in Aberdeen, West End, Southern Pines, Pinebluff, Raeford, Pinehurst, Carthage, Whispering Pines, Cameron, Vass, NC, and the surrounding area. If you’re interested in improving your air quality, give us a call. We’ll help you develop efficient systems for cleaner air and a more comfortable home or business.


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