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What’s the Sound Coming From My Ductless System in Aberdeen, NC?

July 28, 2023

Ductless systems are increasingly popular among homeowners in Aberdeen, NC because they provide an effective and energy-efficient way to cool homes. Like any other system, however, they can occasionally make sounds that signal it’s time to call a professional. Below are some of the common sounds in a ductless system.

Rattling Sound

If the components within your ductless system become loose, they may come into contact with the frame of your system. As a result, each time they hit the framework, they’ll cause rattling sounds. Beyond being a nuisance, this can also accelerate the process of wear and tear.

Buzzing Sound

Buzzing or vibrating sounds coming from your system are often due to electrical issues. Electrical issues can lead to bigger problems for your system and for your home, but due to the dangers of handling high-voltage components, you should leave repairs to a licensed technician. If not addressed properly, this problem can result in higher energy bills due to inefficiency.

Buzzing sounds could also be an indication of broken or loose fan blades in your system. The buzzing occurs due to the fans coming in contact with other components, which could lead to even more damage.

Cracking or Popping Sound

Cracking or popping sounds are somewhat common with ductless units, as they occur when your system releases excess heat. The sounds are a result of temperature changes that lead to the expansion and contraction of plastic components. Unless the sounds are excessively loud, you don’t have to call a professional for cracking or popping sounds.

Hissing Sound

If there’s a leak in your refrigerant line, air bubbles can form within it; when those bubbles escape, the air can hiss. This is also a sign that you’ll need to have a professional seal the line and refill your refrigerant.

Understanding the type of sounds coming from your ductless system and their causes can help you detect when there’s an issue with your system. Contact us at Sandhills Heating & Refrigeration today for ductless AC services and more!

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