Learning about HVAC warranty

What You Need to Know About An HVAC Warranty in West End, NC

January 26, 2023

HVAC manufacturers and installation companies commonly offer warranties for new parts and systems. That said, few people take the time to read the fine print of what that warranty entails. Use this simple guide to consider what you need to know about your West End, NC, HVAC warranty.

What Do Factory Warranties Cover?

Let’s start with discussing what warranties typically cover. The factory or manufacturer’s warranty that typically comes with a new HVAC unit covers the unit’s parts.

Labor is not usually covered as part of the manufacturer’s warranty. You may still have to pay for labor to fix or replace a defective unit or parts.

Can You Get a Labor Warranty?

Some installation companies offer a limited labor warranty with a new system installation. A one-year labor warranty is common to cover something that is defective from the factory or as part of a maintenance plan.

How Long Do Warranties Last?

Factory parts warranties have different term lengths, so take the time to read your warranty card. Some manufacturers offer a single whole-unit parts warranty, while others have different lengths for various components.

For instance, you may have a unit that has a one-year full-parts warranty. However, it may have a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger or AC compressor. Also, many manufacturers extend the standard warranty when you register your unit with them.

What Warranty Coverage Problems Might You Run Into?

There are problems you may run into if you aren’t careful to abide by the terms of the warranty. In many cases you are responsible for having professional HVAC maintenance and having qualified technicians provide all service. Skipping maintenance or trying what looks like a simple repair on your own may void your warranty.

Work with a team who has a great relationship with the best HVAC manufacturers. Call to schedule your AC or heating repair with the respected technicians at Sandhills Heating, Refrigeration & Electrical.

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