Commercial rooftop HVAC system

What to Know About A Commercial Rooftop HVAC System

September 28, 2022

Adaptable to virtually any application, rooftop units (RTUs) are the HVAC systems of choice for businesses across the country. From corner markets to large office complexes, they heat and cool more than half of commercial building space in the U.S. Here’s what you need to know to get the most from a commercial rooftop HVAC system replacement or new installation.

Packaged for Efficiency

Unlike split HVAC systems that have both indoor and outdoor components, RTUs house everything in one single unit. In addition to heating and cooling, RTUs can include components such as humidifiers or energy recovery ventilators. They may also include money-saving features like variable-speed fans and smart control systems. Constructed to withstand extreme weather, they offer a durable, all-in-one solution for indoor climate control.

Rooftop System Sizing

Things can get a bit confusing for business owners when it comes to commercial HVAC rooftop system sizing, or “tonnage.” In HVAC terminology, “ton” refers to a system’s heating or cooling capacity, not the unit’s physical weight. One ton stands for 12,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs). System sizes for smaller buildings typically range from 1 to 20 tons. Sizes up to 50 tons are often used for larger commercial businesses. Naturally, the actual weight of a rooftop unit also matters. A reputable HVAC company will ensure your structure can handle the load.

Professional Installation Services

When it comes to operating costs, nothing drives up your energy bills faster than an improperly sized HVAC system, yet at least 25% of all commercial rooftop HVAC system in the U.S. are oversized. A commercial rooftop HVAC system that’s too large or small will also wear out faster than a properly sized one. Our skilled commercial HVAC technicians conduct load calculations to determine the ideal system size.

Since 1976, Sandhills Heating, Refrigeration & Electrical has installed commercial rooftop units for businesses throughout Moore County and the surrounding region. To learn more, explore our commercial HVAC services or call us today.

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