If you’re thinking about upgrading your HVAC system in your West End, NC, home, you might not know which system is best. Heat pumps and central air are both efficient options for North Carolina homeowners, but one might be better depending on your current needs.

Understanding Heat Pumps

Heat pumps extract the warm or cold air from the outdoors and transfer it inside. During the summer, it’s able to remove the cold particles that still exist in the air, and during the winter, it pulls the warm particles. Some heat pumps operate through your ductwork. Ductless heat pumps are also available and often used in bonus rooms, or through the entire house when there is no previous ductwork.

The Ins and Outs of Central Air

Unless you’ve had your system updated recently, you most likely have central air in your home. Your air conditioner uses refrigerant and applies a lot of pressure through a compressor and into an evaporator. This process takes in the surrounding heat and air and cools it. The fan of your system then blows the air through the air ducts in your home dispersing the air evenly through your home.

Which is More Efficient In Your Home?

The only drawback of heat pumps are that they aren’t as efficient or effective when it gets really cold, below freezing stays there for a length of time. If you already have an efficient furnace and ductwork, then central air is more affordable upfront and typically as efficient in the summer.

Finally, both are sold at different efficiency levels. The biggest factor in the efficiency of your system depends on its SEER rating. This rating is used to determine efficiency for both a heat pumps and air conditioners pump’s cooling efficiency and central air’s efficiency.

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