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3 AC Odors in West End, NC That Mean You Have Trouble

May 30, 2024

Your air conditioner could be the source of the unpleasant smells lingering in your West End, NC home. An AC that produces odors has an underlying problem. Below, we will discuss some AC odors and what they mean.

1. A Burning Smell

As your air conditioner works hard to meet your family’s temperature needs, its parts warm up. When components made of rubber, such as belts, become loose, they can come in contact with the warm parts of the AC, causing a burning smell.

Friction between the moving components can also cause this odor. Schedule regular maintenance services with our technicians, who will lubricate moving parts during your appointment.

2. A Musty Odor

Your air conditioner removes moisture from your indoor air when that air passes over the evaporator coil to be cooled. From there, the moisture passes through the drain lines to leave your system.

If the evaporator coil is dirty, it cannot absorb the moisture. Also, if the drain lines are dirty or clogged, they cannot dispose of the moisture efficiently.

When your AC fails to absorb and eliminate the excessive humidity, the moisture creates a favorable environment for biological contaminants to grow in your house. The contaminants can produce spores that circulate in your living space, causing a musty, dirty-sock odor.

3. A Chemical Smell

When you detect a chemical-like odor lingering in your house, a leak from the AC’s refrigerant may be the cause. A refrigerant absorbs heat at the evaporator coil and moves it to the condenser coil, which transfers it to the surrounding environment.

When this refrigerant leaks, your AC struggles to satisfy your cooling load, resulting in inconsistent temperatures in your home. Schedule repair services to fix the damaged sections of the refrigerant lines.

Don’t ignore any weird odor from your AC. Call our air conditioning experts at Sandhills Heating, Refrigeration & Electrical to have the underlying problems addressed. Our team always responds promptly to ensure your system works as it should.

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